A large range of Chemically Pure, Laboratory & Analytical Grade. Specialized Solutions made up to customer’s requirements.

Instrumentation Meters Multi meters pH meter Conductivity meter Lux meter Respirometer Refractometer Humidity meter Spectrophotometer Hygrometer Special climate meters Density meter Pycnometer Viscometer Colorimeter

Non-heating & Heating accessories Overhead stirrers Instruments Stirrers Magnetic stirrer heads Shakers Mixers Vortexes Orbital shakers Multidimensional shakers Incubator shakers Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

Autoclaves Dry block heating Breathalysers Fridges Bench Burner Gas Burners Burner hand torches Lab washers Centrifuges Laminar flow cabinets Storage Cabinets Melting point apparatus Dewar Boxes/carrier and flasks Steambaths Refrigerators Chest Upright Freezers Icemakers Cryogenic boxes Racks Insulated Containers Thermostats Cryostats Water Baths Drying-Universal incubators Microwaves Incubators Cooling incubators

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