Welcome to Reflecta one of South Africa's leading suppliers of laboratory equipment & chemical supplier

We consider nature a vast chemical laboratory in which all kinds of compositions and de compositions are formed

We serve various fields such as pharmaceutical, mining, chemical and laboratory industries.


Reflecta Solutions was founded through a young entrepreneur. Reflecta is one of the fastest growing premier laboratory business in South Africa and has developed excellent key customer relationships locally as well as across the African continent. Since inception, the company's success has grown substantially and is maintained through its competitive pricing for high quality products accompanied by world class service.

Our Vision

 Reflecta’s vision is to be the best at understanding and satisfying the needs of laboratories and manufacturers in the African region, through evolving partnerships and mutual growth with our clients.

Our Mission

To be recognized by our core market as a supplier of quality laboratory consumables, reagents that exceed their specifications and fit the requirements of our market. To constantly deliver service levels that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements



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