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SOLVAIR RANGE: Solvair range is a unique range of airfreshner's which the perfumes are imported from France. This unique airfreshner is alcohol based, which means it last's 10 times longer in the air than normal airfreshner’s. One ca

TRAPSOLVE: Trapsolve bears the SABS 1828 mark. Trapsolve is a caustic granulated drain cleaner which is specifically made for grease traps. For preventative maintenance on grease traps add 500 grams of flakes to each trap once a week. For troubles

SUPERSOLVE: Supersolve is a heavy duty engine / parts degreaser which makes easy work out of the most soiled of engine's and part's. Spray or brush on surface, allow to penetrate for 3 minutes, agitate with brush, and hose off with clean w

SOLVASTRIP: Solvastrip is a non-ammoniated floor stripper which is easy to use and work's first time. Mix Solvastrip 50, 50 with hot water. Leave for 10 minutes, scrub with hard broom, using hot water mop up remaining liquid left on surface, t

POWERFORCE: Powerforce bears the SABS 1828 mark. Powerforce is an alkali based product, and because of this the high dilution rates makes it very affordable. If it is used in the food industry, on the floors because of its high alkalinity it will

HANDCON: Handcon is a liquid hand soap which is supplied in two fragrances. Apply 5ml to hands, put hand under tap and wash hands as normal. Dry hands using paper towels / rolls or a hand dryer. Item Code: H54 Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt HA

WHITESOLVE: Whitesolve bears the SABS 296 mark. Whitesolve contains a minimum of 5% chlorine, and is ideal for the whitening of cloths. Contact our head office chemist, for dilution rates. Item Code: K69 Pack Size: 500ml, 750ml, 5lt & 25

IDORPHOR: Idorphor is an iodine based sterilizer / sanitizer. Ideal use in hospital industry for the sterilization of instruments, hands, stainless steel tops, bed pans etc. Can be used in the food industry for sterilization of equipment and hands
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