Complete with 3 PP adapters 45/38,38/32,40/45 (45 thread at the burette),1 telescopic intake tube (FEP),1 telescopic titration tube,2 micro-batteries 1,5 V (LR 03/AAA), without reservoir bottle. The digital Continuous Bottle-top Burette makes manu

Bottle-Top Dispenser, complete with 3 adapters, intake tube FEP, Discharge-tube (with safety thread) FEP closure cap, without reservoir bottle.   Exact reproducibility of delivered quantities, due to rapid and precise volume adjustment by

Completely autoclavable at 121°C Ergonomic design Tip Ejector, for smooth ejection of the tip* Precise Setting of the selected volume ensures accurate aspiration & dispensing of the liquid Grip made out of TPE (Thermo Plasto El

Especially service-friendly: Single shafts and seals can be easily removed, and thus can be directly cleaned or replaced in the laboratory.  The combination of the stepped design of the ejector and spring made of FKM reduces the effort neede

For all pipettes from 0,1 to 100 ml With the electronic pipette controller, pipette handling is simple and comfortable. The ergonomic handle - very light weight at about 190 grams - and excellent balance all contribute to ease of operation. The sp

Model STANDARD, short cone for pipettes up to 25 ml  Model UNIVERSAL, long cone for all pipettes

Can be operated with one hand. Glass and plastic pipettes fit easily. Precise filling or emptying is done by rotating their actuator-wheels for-ward or backward. For rapid emptying simply depress plunger

All indicated Pipette specifications are type test specifications achieved under strictly  controlled conditions (ISO 8655).  The plastic materials for the Pipettes have been carefully selected to provide robust construction yet maintaini

The handheld Series Pipettor is an extremely easy-to-handle piston pipette which allows rapid repeat dispensing of pre-set volumes up to 48 times in succession without refilling. Easy single-handed operation Easy-to-handle adjusting wheel to de
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