The temperature can be controlled to 0.2ºC over the range – 25ºC to + 60ºC using a P.I.D. digital temperature controller, the CAL3200. Forced air over the heater and cooling fins and through the air duct in the rear wall ensures

The Bending Beam Rheometer, CRT-BBR measures flexural creep stiffness of asphalt binder at low temperatures (ambient to -40°C). A constant load is applied to the center of a small asphalt beam specimen, and the deflection of the beam is measur

Vacuum Pyknometer used to determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity and density of noncompacted bituminous mixtures. Vacuum Penetrometer is used together with Sieve Shaker, Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Gauge to complete the test set. Percent air v

Used to determine the consistency of concrete mixes having medium and high workability. Slump Cone made from galvanised sheet steel Dimensions 200 x 100 x 300mm (H) Steel tamping rod, dia 16 x 600mm (L) Slump Metal Base Plate 450 x 450mm

Concrete Cube Mould (Cast Iron - Heavy Duty) - 100 mm Concrete Cube Mould (Cast Iron - Heavy Duty) - 150 mm Heavy Duty Plastic Cube Mould - 150mm Light Duty Plastic Cube Mould - 150mm

Moulds and rammers are used for determining the relationship between the moisture content and density of compacted soil. Made of plated steel, includes collar, mould body and base plate. Rammers are used to compact the soil sample in the Proctor Moul

The ranges of 75mm, 100mm and 200mm sieves are supplied with full-depth stainless steel frames. The 300mm and 450mm sieves are supplied with plated, mild steel frames. Woven wire and perforated plate sieves are manufactured from stainless steel mesh

Sieve shaker that holds up to 8 x 200mm Test Sieves plus lid & receiver or 5 x 300mm Test Sieves plus lid and receiver.  Clamping flat guide holding plate secures sieves in place. Support bars can be extended to accommodate more sieves
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