Instrumentation Meters

  • Multi meters
  • pH meter
  • Conductivity meter
  • Lux meter
  • Respirometer
  • Refractometer
  • Humidity meter
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Special climate meters
  • Density meter
  • Pycnometer
  • Viscometer
  • Colorimeter




Is used to measure electric current, voltage and resistance over several ranges of value.

Measures hydrogen-ion concentration in a solution and indicates acidity or alkalinity

Is used to measure electrical conductivity in a solution.

Measures luminous flux per unit.

Instrument for measuring a refractive index.

Measures and report relative humidity in the air.

Apparatus for measuring intensity of light in a part of spectrum.

For measuring the humidity of air or gas.

The climate meter is used as much indoors as outdoors for measuring humidity, temperature, air velocity and air pressure

A device that measures density.

For measuring and comparing the densities or specific gravities liquids or solids.

Measuring the viscosity of liquids.

Measures the intensity of colour.
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