Vacuum Pyknometer used to determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity and density of noncompacted bituminous mixtures. Vacuum Penetrometer is used together with Sieve Shaker, Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Gauge to complete the test set. Percent air voids in compacted bituminous mixtures and the amount of bitumen absorbed by the aggregates can also be calculated with the test set. Vacuum Pyknometer is manufactured from transparent plastic and supplied complete with water trap and rubber tube.


Ring and Ball Test Set is used for determining the softening point of bituminous materials by ring and ball method. The apparatus is supplied complete with a Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirring System, Ring Holder and Assembly, 2 x Ball Centering Guides, 2 x 9.5 mm dia. Steel Balls, 2 x Brass Rings, 1 x 600 ml Glass Vessel (Beaker) and max. 110°C Glass thermometer. If required, a max. 250°C glass thermometer, ASTM 15C or 16C thermometer should be ordered separately.

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