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Easy to use pipette controller easily attaches to 1-100mL pipettes. Pipettes easily fit into silicone pipette holder adaptor. Thumb switch on body allows control of both the dispense speed and aspirate speed. Button above thumb switch is a blow-out button which will clear out any remaining liquid drops. A single pump of the pipette controller can handle 50mL of liquid. Replaceable filter will prevent any liquid from contaminating the inside of the controller pump.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable design
  • Silicone adaptor is autoclavable
  • Precise pipetting
  • Replaceable 3um hydrophobic filter
  • Selection of colors available
  • Leak-proof, durable construction


Length8 Inch (205mm)
Bulb Width1.75 Inch (44mm)

pH TEST STRIPS 0-14pH 100STRIPS/BOX = R 135.00


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