Bottle-Top Dispenser, complete with 3 adapters, intake tube FEP, Discharge-tube (with safety thread) FEP closure cap, without reservoir bottle.


Exact reproducibility of delivered quantities, due to rapid and precise volume adjustment by serrated setting device.

Piston with pressure-dependent active sealing, will resist even aggressive media.

Service friendly and easy to clean, because of a removable piston and suction valve.

Can be calibrated by service personal with an analytical balance.

Manufactured with high quality and durable materials.

The parts of the dispenser which come into contact with the liquid are: - Piston out of PTFE - TPX safety sheeted borosilicate glass cylinder - Platinum-iridium Spring - Valve out of ETFE Any liquid which does not attack these materials can be dispensed. Manufactured under ISO 9001 norms.

Dispensing with all known original reagent bottles owing to the offer of different adapters.

Completely autoclavable at 121°C

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