Complete with 3 PP adapters 45/38,38/32,40/45 (45 thread at the burette),1 telescopic intake tube (FEP),1 telescopic titration tube,2 micro-batteries 1,5 V (LR 03/AAA), without reservoir bottle.

The digital Continuous Bottle-top Burette makes manual titration safer, easier, with more reliable results. The DCB burettes can be used for titration agents up to a concentration of 2 Mol/l. During the titration process, the burette fills automatically, eliminating time-consuming refills.

Continuous pulse-free operation for faster titrations up to 5 ml per second. Titrant delivery is controlled by turning the wheels, and the amount dispensed is immediately shown on the display - from 10 °l to 999.9 ml, with a velocity of 2,5 ml/turn using model DCB 2500 or 5,0 ml/turn with model DCB 5000. The DCB models eliminate the errors of reading the meniscus and volume graduations of conventional hanging glass burettes. There is no exposed glassware to break, and direct connection to the reagent bottle avoids pouring dangerous chemicals.

Safety recirculating valve allows for recirculation within the closed system to avoid reagent waste. Angled digital display for easier reading from different heights by different users.

Unique telescopic intake tube with length from 210 till 310 mm can be readjusted without cutting for different bottle sizes. Dosing spectrum from 10 °l to 999,99 ml Battery-operated, easily replaceable micro-batteries 1,5 V (LR 03/AAA). One charge lasts a minimum of 500 hours (dispensing 4500 l of reagent).

Burette can be rotated 360° on the bottle

Titrating Tube removable and adjustable: horizontal 142-220 mm, vertical 10-200 mm Service friendly modular assembly.

Electronic can be completely removed.

User-serviceable and calibratable to meet ISO and GLP requirements. Optional drying tube protects reagents from moisture or CO2.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 norms.

Adapters are available to fit most bottle neck sizes.

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