Hand Care Products


Handcon is a liquid hand soap which is supplied in two fragrances. Apply 5ml to hands, put hand under tap and wash hands as normal. Dry hands using paper towels / rolls or a hand dryer.

Item Code: H54

Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt


Handsept bears the SABS 1853 mark. Handsept is QAC based hand sanitizer. Use with water and afterwards hand dryers or paper towels. It contains emollients & CDE to feed the skin with natural oils.

Item Code: HB56

Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt


Handcare is an oil based barrier cream for the prevention of oil contamination.

Item Code: H57

Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt


Superior organic industrial gel hand cleaner

Item Code: H60

Manufacturer: Envirochem

Pack Size: 500grm, 5kg & 25kg



Superior organic industrial grit gel cleaner

Item Code: HG60

Manufacturer: Envirochem

Pack Size: 500grm, 5kg & 25kg


Sansolve bears the SABS 1853 mark. Sansolve comes in both a liquid and a gel form. Sansolve is an alcohol based hand sanitizing liquid / gel. Sansolve kills gram positive and gram negative organisms. Is ideal where sterilization is of the most important, i.e. in hospital and food establishments. As this product is alcohol based there is no need to use towels, hand dryers or paper towels to dry hands as this dries within 30 seconds.

Item Code: S114

Manufacturer: Envirochem

Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt


Blue Grit is a heavy duty hand gel containing grit and emollients, lanolin, CDE and antiseptic, which is ideal for use by motor mechanics, diesel mechanics, engineering anywhere where a heavy duty hand cleaner is essential.

Item Code: HG63

Pack Size: 500grm, 5kg & 25kg

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