Solvair range is a unique range of airfreshner's which the perfumes are imported from France. This unique airfreshner is alcohol based, which means it last's 10 times longer in the air than normal airfreshner’s. One can also use it as a sanitizer for hands, table tops, and surfaces. It is also ideal for cleaning and sanitizing telephones as well as keyboard for PC's. Our ranges are Berryfresh, Cherryfresh, Lavenderfresh, Vanilla DV, Solvair, Solvair Iced & Citruszone.

Item Code : C10

Pack Size: 180ml, 500ml, 5lt & 25lt


Solvablock are blocks used for gent’s urinals, to mask odors. Comes in 3  fragrances: cherry, pine and lavender.

Item Code: C11

Pack Size: 5kg


Solvinal is an acid based toilet bowl cleaner with a pine fragrance. It is ideal for clearing uric acid and uric acid smells out of gent’s urinals. Also it is ideal for cleaning toilet bowls of scale and stubborn stains easily.Solvinal can be used neat or up to a dilution of 10: 1

Item Code: C13

Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt


Trapsolve bears the SABS 1828 mark. Trapsolve is a caustic granulated drain cleaner which is specifically made for grease traps. For preventative maintenance on grease traps add 500 grams of flakes to each trap once a week. For troublesome drains add 500 grams twice a week. This product contains caustic and it is important to wear gloves and goggles while using it.

Item Code: C14

Pack Size: 5kg & 25kg


Drainsolve is a sulphuric based liquid drain cleaner. It is important to wear gloves and goggles while using it. Drainsolve is for small bore drains, for use in zincs, shower drains & outside kitchen waste grids. Pour down 250 mils per drain for maintenance once a week. DO NOT POUR DOWN MORE THAN 300 MILS PER DRAIN. Then rinse with cold water, DO NOT USE HOT WATER.

Item Code: C15

Pack Size: 1lt


Pinsolve / Biofresh bear the SABS 636 mark. Multipurpose cleaning disinfectant. Because of its high dilution of 50: 1 it is very in-expensive for use. Is ideal for ablution blocks, toilets, floors & walls, while leaving behind a distinctive pine needle odor.

Item Code: C16 / 23

Pack Size: 5lt, 25lt & 210lt


Superpine is 80% phenol pine disinfectant, which has a coefficient of 8. Although pine has become very expensive the high dilution rates of 200: 1, it still makes it very cost effective.

Item Code: C17

Pack Size: 1lt, 5lt & 25lt


Superbowl is a thick acid based toilet bowl cleaner, which is excellent on gent’s urinals and toilet bowls, because of the thickness of Superbowl, one would apply it neat to both the urinals and toilet bowls. With the product being thick it sticks to the surfaces which it is applied to. Leave for 5 minutes, wipe with a toilet brush and flush, this leaves behind a clean and shiny surface.

Item Code: C20

Pack Size: 750ml, 5lt & 25lt


Pinegel is a disinfectant cleaner for floors, walls & work tops. Pinegel is 12 % active pine which indicates it works extremely effectively on bringing down costs. Use two teaspoons of Pinegel in 10 liters of water. Pinegel is excellent on toilet basins, sinks, toilet bowls, and gent’s toilets urinals & for general office disinfecting leaving behind a pleasant pine odor.

Item Code: C22

Pack Size: 5kg & 25kg


Ritecid is a deodorizer and cleaner. Ritecid has a very pleasant odor. If odor is needed to last a full working day one would dilute the product down 10: 1, however, for general purpose cleaning one would dilute the product 30: 1.

Item Code: C26

Pack Size: 5lt & 25lt


Micro-Pine is a powdered QAC based pine disinfectant cleaner. It contains degreasing agents, deodorizing agents and disinfecting agents. To make 5 liters of normal pine disinfectant add in 100 grams of Micro-Pine powder to 5 liters of water. For bad spills of sewerage, rotten food and garbage sprinkle Micro-Pine powder over the affected area then spray a mist of water over the top of the affected area. Leave for 10 minutes, then shovel up and dispose of.

Item Code: S137

Pack Size: 5kg & 25kg

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